From DJ Screw to Moonlight: the unlikely comeback of chopped and screwed

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The 90s hip-hop technique has found itself more popular than ever thanks to Drake, The Weeknd and the soundtrack of the Oscar-nominated movie

Chopping and screwing, a DJing technique invented by Houston pioneer DJ Screw in the early 90s that pitches compositions down, is about feeling. Remixing a song in this way changes its texture; it makes the tones richer but also deeper and darker. In a 1995 interview with RapPages, Screw explained the technique: “The Screw sound is when I mix tapes with songs that people can relax to,” he said. “Slower tempos, to feel the music and so you can hear what the rapper is saying. I make my tapes so that everyone can feel them.” For Screw, slowing a record down allowed it to breathe, bringing new context to what was rapped and adding a new tint to the catalogs of the rappers he liked to spin — artists such as OutKast, Tupac, 8Ball & MJG, Warren G, and Spice 1.

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