Hitting more homers than singles is the new MLB fad, and here's who could do it in 2017

Power and strikeouts are surging these days, so we’re starting to see more fun little statistical oddities. Let’s focus on players who are hitting more home runs than singles right now. 

Before last season, the only hitters in MLB history with at least 150 at-bats and more home runs than singles were Mark McGwire (who did so five times) and Barry Bonds (in his 73-homer season). That was it. Here’s the full list on Baseball-Reference.com’s play index. Go look for names like Carlos Zambrano, Shane Spencer and Rob Deer (sadly, it was just four homers and two singles). 

In a full season, it’s incredibly rare. We never saw a player with more long balls than singles until McGwire did it in 1995 with 39 homers and 35 singles. 

Last season gave us Ryan Schimpf of the Padres. In 276 at-bats, he clubbed 20 homers, but only 18 singles. He also struck out 105 times. Also, it’s still not a full season. 

Might we see Schimpf join McGwire and Bonds this year? He’s doing it so far. He has company, too. 

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