Holly Blakey: the dance punk who turned Coldplay into disco chimps

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She learned ballet in a car park and gave all the right moves to Florence + the Machine. Now, the queen of music videos is putting on her first show. The choreographer talks about dance snobs, anorexia and reclaiming bump ’n’ grind

‘How things look when it’s 4am.” This is how Holly Blakey describes her dance style. She uses the line when she’s talking about Florence + the Machine and she uses it when she’s talking about her company of dancers, who are usually writhing in a sinuous tangle of limbs. Watching them is not unlike being in a sweaty nightclub, just before closing time, everything – clothes, inhibitions – just a little undone.

Blakey, 30, is an emerging talent from contemporary dance’s outer edges. But until now, it’s her music video work that’s made the most noise. She has choreographed for Coldplay, Jungle, Everything Everything and Ellie Goulding. The Delilah video she made with Florence Welch won the 2016 UK Music Video award for best choreographyand was nominated for an MTV Video Music award alongside Beyoncé and Missy Elliott.

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