In This Corner Podcast: WWE year in review and 2017 pro wrestling awards


In this episode: In this special year-end edition of In This Corner, Brian Campbell, Nick Kostos and Adam Silverstein bring you the inaugural Samson Awards. The final show of 2017 kicks off with BC and The Silver King wrapping up the year that was in professional wrestling before Handsome Nick joins the guys to break down the 15 special award categories. Who won the Katie Vick Award? Did a WWE superstar sneak by Kenny Omega for our Nature Boy Wrestler of the Year? We cover it all in a star-studded award show the likes of which you’ve never heard before. And then, after ending 2017 on a high note, BC and The Silver King reconvene to discuss what might have been missed by the awards and share their high hopes for the year to come. Whether your drink of choice is Milk of Marknesia or Under Juice, the guys have you covered as we step into 2018.

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