Kyle Shanahan explains the play he regrets the most from the Falcons' Super Bowl loss

Remember when the Falcons blew a 25-point lead to the Patriots in the second half of the Super Bowl? New 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan still does.

Shanahan, who served as the Falcons’ offensive coordinator in that game, recently appeared “The Rich Eisen Show” when he admitted to thinking about that game “a lot.” When he was asked if there was one play in particular he regretted the most, Shanahan answered honestly.

“There’s no doubt,” Shanahan said. “The second-and-10 that we got sacked on. I wish I had dialed something up differently.”

The play he’s talking about occurred with roughly four minutes remaining in the game. At that point, the Falcons still held an eight-point lead with the ball. Most importantly, they were already in field-goal range at the 23-yard line. All the Falcons had to do was run some clock and kick a field goal to take a two-score advantage. If they had done that, they likely would’ve won the Super Bowl.