Mosh-pit opera: Fugazi's random stage banter set to music

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Random drum beats, guitar noodling, rants about gig etiquette: a new opera draws together every live performance by the cult punk band – not the songs, but everything in between

As the air is released from a bright red balloon, the stage erupts in a strict pandemonium. Distorted guitars squeal. A thunder of drums clatters into action. Actors’ bodies spasm and thrust their outstretched fists as if fighting with unseen ghosts. “It could be so much fun, I promise!” yells a bearded man centre stage, his voice rising to an extended roar, “So much fucking FUUUNNNNN!” The balloon pirouettes through the air before landing, crumpled and deflated, on the floor.

It’s All True is derived from more than 1,200 hours of live recordings Fugazi uploaded on the web

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