Ronnie Wood: ‘Bowie’s death especially affected me – we were the same age’

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Veteran rocker Ronnie Wood, 70, on beating cancer, becoming a father again – to twins – and his retrospective book of his own art

Ronnie Wood and I meet a little prior to our interview at a central London hotel, bumping into each other in the lift. “Have I met you before?” he instantly asks. (No; though maybe, after all the years of rock’n’roll hedonism as a guitarist with the Rolling Stones, Wood has to play it safe and ask everybody.) Now 70, he became a new father again last year when his wife, Sally Humphreys (they married in 2012), gave birth to twin girls; he has four other children from previous marriages, and six grandchildren. His signature rock’n’roll look (spiky hair; spiky face), bears no signs of his health crisis earlier this year when he was diagnosed with lung cancer and underwent surgery to remove affected tissue.

Settling down to chat, he is friendly, good-humoured, and sometimes a little distracted, fetching himself cola (his “remaining vice”). An artist as well as a musician (he trained at Ealing College of Art), Wood occasionally reaches over to leaf through his new book, a retrospective of his life’s artworks, Ronnie Wood: Artist, showing me different drawings and paintings.

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