This was it: how the Strokes and New York rock ripped up British music

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In 2001, the Strokes arrived in Britain on a wave of hype that would help launch the careers of Interpol, Kings of Leon, the Rapture and the Libertines. Here, those bands recount the feverish impact of the Manhattanites’ arrival in the UK

Kelly Kiley (manager of Rough Trade Records): “I’ve never known a band to get security so quickly.”

Laura Young (blogger): “The first time I ever saw the Strokes, in the middle of the show, Julian started staring off into the distance. Then you just see him jump into the crowd, and there was a kerfuffle. He was getting into a fight. Very quickly, one of the bouncers came in and broke it up, but I was like: ‘Oh my God, this is so awesome.’ They had this reputation in the press of being bad boys. Drinking a lot, getting into trouble. That was their whole persona, cool New York, don’t-give-a-fuck type of dudes.”

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