Ty Segall on Black Flag, T Rex and why the Kinks made so much sense in 90s California

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He may be the reigning king of slacker rock – but Ty Seagall is as prolific as they come. He explains why the Kinks made so much sense to a kid in 90s California

Ty Segall is 29, but looks younger. He comes across like a relaxed California surfer, with golden hair and a boyish demeanor. He says things are “rad”, that you should only do things “as long as they’re fun”. So far, so slacker.

But as the reigning king of the garage underground, Segall is no slouch. On the verge of releasing his ninth “official” solo album in less than nine years, he has in that time also been in at least three different bands, produced a number of other groups, released two dozen singles and EPs, as well as scores of albums with side projects. He doesn’t think it is odd to be so prolific.

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